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The Five Dollar Bin w/ Mark and Rick
Lights! Camera! Comedy!
Category: TV & Film
Location: Boston
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November 28, 2016 12:48 PM PST

While still stuffed on leftovers, Mark and Rick share some final thoughts on Kingpin while Brian likewise joins in to chat about their Thanksgiving meal experiences from the recent holiday. The fellas run through a list of the greatest bowling scenes in film, discuss the many movies they caught over the Turkey Day break and play a version of the 'Online Review Game' all about Woody. The lads also research the film credits of the Farrelly Brothers go-to actor buddies, discover the awesome movie called "Arlo: The Burping Pig" and there's a whole lot of Michael McDonald-like singing going on! If you are also a fan of belching bacon, tweet these "bird brains" @5DollarBinPOD and let out your own audible notes!

November 21, 2016 11:23 AM PST

To help get you on your way with holiday travels this week, a change of pace with some really quick Thanksgiving wishes to the cinemaniacs and a fun story that came out of last week's Kingpin "reviewsit" about Mark's dad. Have a very happy Turkey Day and we'll return to our regularly scheduled programming next time. Gobble Gobble!

November 14, 2016 12:11 PM PST

Mark and Rick welcome back returning guest Josh Damoulakis for a SUPER SIZED "reviewsit" of the comedy Kingpin. The lads point out the early framework of road trips, reoccurring weirdos and unique soundtracks that would soon become the Farrelly Brothers signature style, identify differences in the 2 versions of the film and everyone expresses the early crushes they had on Vanessa Angel. The gents also count the number of montages throughout the movie, learn about Rick's "Fast Forward Viewing Method" he applies to his film watching and explain what candlepin bowling is to all the non-New England cinemaniacs. This episode is so special Mark even unlocks a 'beer achievement!' Make sure you don't pull a Munson and roll a gutter ball on this episode!

October 31, 2016 11:37 AM PDT

With Halloween still in the air, Mark and Rick share some final thoughts on Ernest Scared Stupid while Brian weighs in on the film as well after being back this week. The gents share the alternative titles proposed for the movie, learn that there were actually Five and not Four Ernest films theatrically released and run through the cinematic clips found in the Scared Stupid opening credits. The lads also debate over a list of films considered top "horror comedies" of all time, play a spooky version of the 'Online Review Game' and discover that Brian is afraid of offending any fictional character that breaks the fourth wall. The fellas are quite 'earnest' when they say tweet them @5DollarBinPOD and you'll get a scary, yet comical reply back from either Mark, Rick, Brian, Chuck, Bobby, Tom or Bobby!

October 24, 2016 11:44 AM PDT

Mark and Rick have a "reviewsit" of the horror-comedy Ernest Scared Stupid, while also wishing the cinemaniacs a Happy Halloween. To kick off the spooky season, the gents discuss favorite trick-or-treating candies from their youth and Mark suggests some costume ideas for Rick and his kids. The lads then get into the movie by wondering if Ernest P. Worrell should be diagnosed with split personality disorder, run through his "characters" that appear throughout the film and give the found definition of the drink MIAK. The fellas also question the efficiency of cereal box stacking in movies, ponder the forms of dairy that trolls are turned off by and quickly touch upon the resurgence of old toys from 20-25 years ago in a new segment called "Toy Corner." Join 'Troll Talker 1 & 2' as they grab some fictional beverages and jump-scare once again into the world of Ernest!

October 10, 2016 12:28 PM PDT

Mark and Rick share some final thoughts on the movie Sudden Death, while also speculating on missing Brian's moose-riding adventures in Vermont. The lads discuss good hockey-watching beers, run through Van Damme's filmography and Mark ends up beating the Six Degrees online site by making fewer connections than its stated definitive route! The fellas also try to figure out who exactly the character of "Spota" is, touch upon legacy stable laws in Massachusetts and notice the reoccurring theme of JCVD making knock-off versions of his own movies. Rick has given the cinemaniacs homework so if you are able to help with this week's "Five Dollar Bin Mystery," tweet this 'Trivia Trio' @5DollarBinPOD and you might earn a special reward of Jean-Claude singing at the end of this episode!

October 03, 2016 12:38 PM PDT

Mark, Rick and Brian have a "reviewsit" of the Jean-Claude Van Damme action flick Sudden Death, while trying to work on their terrible impressions of the man. The lads identify the second tier stakes of the movie and frequent similarities to Die Hard, wonder if JCVD's character was meant to be Irish and ponder if the film would have been improved by taking the full blown parody route. Along with discovering why hockey was chosen as the plot's sport, Brian endeavors to design future American Ninja Warrior courses, Rick makes some odd choices for the new "casting corner" segment and the fellas bestow the term of 'Schmarking' to Mark's frequent segue attempts. Just like Jean-Claude's kid in the film, you should stay in seat no matter what, pay close attention and get ready for a Van Damme fun time!

September 19, 2016 11:13 AM PDT

Mark, Rick and Brian share some final thoughts on The NeverEnding Story, while also paying tribute to the late great Gene Wilder and his film legacy. The gents design ideas for a Falkor full body tattoo, learn that Atreyu was originally supposed to have green skin and they write some temporary victory music to this week's round of the 'Unspecified Online Site Review Game.' The lads also run through the lesser known sequels of the film, teach Rick the plot of the 1986 movie Troll and what better way to wrap up the episode than with a Disney Afternoon sing-along! You can tweet these "Fantasia Friends" @5DollarBinPOD to harmonize a rendition of the Chip 'N Dale's Rescue Rangers theme with them!

September 12, 2016 12:03 PM PDT

Mark, Rick and Brian have the long-awaited "reviewsit" of The NeverEnding Story, while dancing on the thin line of potentially ruining your childhood. Mark discovers he has 'false memories' of the first time he had seen the film, Brian touches upon some of the German special features found with the Apple TV version and the lads all become re-traumatized by the disturbing horse swamp scene. Rick also equates the film to the "Grease Coma" theory he is apparently an expert on, the fellas over analyze the busty sphinx statues and they debate the epic question of what exactly Bastian yells out at the end of the movie. Just like the Rock Biter, Teeny Weeny and Nighthob, follow these podcast messengers (you figure out which one is which) as they guide you via racing snail through the lands of Fantasia!

August 29, 2016 11:56 AM PDT

Mark, Rick and Brian share some final thoughts on The Great Outdoors, while also pondering the wooded areas throughout Walt Disney World. The gents get into the extensive performing career of the animal actor Bart the Bear, discuss adult coloring books as well as movie action figure likenesses and the lads are able to use Mark as a 6 degrees of separation connection between this film and their previous "reviewsit!" The fellas also run through lists of the top camping movies, meet the character of 'Todd, the Oscar Nomination File Clerk' and Mark flips out over Brian and Rick never having seen Stand By Me. You can tweet these "Crayola Compadres" @5DollarBin and then color in this episode with Comedy!

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